bestpokergames| Zhao Yifang: Huace's AI model can complete the primary selection evaluation of a work in 3 minutes


Special topic: 2024 China Business Mulan Annual meeting

The 2024 China Business Mulan Annual meeting, sponsored by China Entrepreneur Magazine, was held in Wuzhen from April 26th to 28th. Zhao Yifang, founder and chairman of Huatze Film and Television Group, attended and delivered a speech.

"as a female entrepreneurBestpokergamesBorn in this great era and country, thank the times for the opportunities for the development of Chinese women, and thank the country for providing a stage for women to participate in competition and development on an equal footing. Let her become more and more powerful, promote our cause, return to society, and contribute to the country, and become a powerful backup stage for us to support each other. "Zhao Yifang begins with emotion.

Zhao Yifang said that after graduation, he first went to work in the system, went to sea in 1992, engaged in the film and television industry, and founded Huatze Film and Television from 0 to 1.

"for more than 30 years, it is inevitable that the entrepreneurial process has been arduous, and the difficulties and challenges are also certain. How many people have asked me the same question, why are you so passionate every day? Why are you never tired? Why do you still have such power at this age? I asked myself why? I will also be sick, tired, and have relatives to take care of anxiety and depression from time to time. But why are we still willing to pay for this cause? I think it's because of the love and love in my heart, "she says.

bestpokergames| Zhao Yifang: Huace's AI model can complete the primary selection evaluation of a work in 3 minutes

"because you like it, you take action." Zhao Yifang's belief is firm and strong.

She also recalled the shooting of one of her shows. "at that time, I was blindly excited and completely ignorant of the industry. With the guidance and guidance of my predecessors in the film and television industry, I began to plan and write the script, gradually found the feeling, and then sent the script to the experts for review and recognition. Found the director willing to pick up, the actor is willing to act, until found funds to plan to set up the crew. But I didn't expect that there would be countless things that you don't want to see, things you don't want to experience, and things that make trouble every day, "Zhao Yifang said frankly." you can't like this kind of environment at first. "

Despite the painstaking process, the moment the achievement was affirmed, Zhao Yifang felt proud and worthy. "when relatives and friends come to give praise and praise, you can feel the value of what you have done, and a little bit of love in your heart is ignited and established. Choosing the career I like makes it easier for me to achieve success and value.

"if you have love in your heart and love in action, you will have a long-term persistence in your career," she says. "people's demand for spiritual culture inspires me to continuously create excellent works. Providing spiritual and cultural value for society is a beautiful thing in itself, and it will constantly inspire me to move forward.

Zhao Yifang pointed out that beauty should be used to enhance the core value of life and career. In its view, the film and television industry is an industry that shapes, creates and spreads beauty. Audio-visual language is used to create and express human beautiful emotions and moving stories to reflect people's joys and sorrows, and women entrepreneurs have natural advantages to enter the film and television industry.

"maybe I have been in this industry for a long time, from simple and extensive to well-made, from the front table to touch the heart, soaking in the industry for more and more time. We have a deeper understanding of the industry and more experience in content control. Discovering beauty, expounding beauty, sublimating beauty, and improving the creation and grasp of beautiful works have also made the works created by the Huatze team under my leadership more and more popular with more and more audiences, "she says.

Zhao Yifang also promoted "national color fragrance" at the scene. "this spring, we introduced the costume inspirational drama performed by Yang Zi and Li to the world at the Cannes Film Festival in France. This play combines the two aesthetic core symbols of the national flower peony of the Tang Dynasty and the beauty of the country. It tells the story of women in the Tang Dynasty who lead a group of women to start a business in Chang'an by virtue of their unique skills in cultivating rare peonies, which are in line with the blending of emotional lines and career lines, and express their respect for women's realization of self-value."

"in terms of production, we also cooperate deeply with experts and scholars in various fields to enrich the details of the image with the expertise and research of solid Tang Dynasty cultural etiquette, architecture and radiation. It is not limited to temples, but also focuses on the city life of ordinary people. The play is being filmed intensively. He talks about the beauty of history and the beauty of characters. The beauty of the scene of Shengtang is worth looking forward to. It is hoped that when it starts broadcasting at the end of the year and the first half of next year, it will make our viewers like it more, "she said.

Zhao Yifang also said that Huatze Group gave full play to the strength of the leading enterprises in the industry, firmly became the leader of Hualiu to go abroad, took the spread of Chinese civilization around the world as its own responsibility, and focused on expanding overseas markets since the early 1990s. produced a large number of works loved by the global audience. "We have distributed more than 150000 hours of Chinese film and television content to more than 200 countries and regions, established in-depth cooperation with international mainstream media, and independently created a global network of Chinese film and television content."

Zhao Yifang also said that the current wave of artificial intelligence is coming, and Huatze complies with the change and takes the initiative to seek change. In June last year, the AIGC Application Research Institute was established. At present, the Huazepui AI model can complete the primary evaluation of a work in 3 minutes and the accurate evaluation of more than one million episodes in 30 minutes. this effect is applied in film and TV skits.

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