1xbetslot| Zhengwei Xincai has been filed and investors may claim compensation


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On May 24, Jiangsu Zhengwei Xincai (Rights Protection) Materials Co., Ltd.(securities abbreviation: Zhengwei Xincai, securities code: 002201) issued an announcement stating that it had received a notice from the China Securities Regulatory Commission.1xbetslotAccording to the "Notice of Filing a Case"(No.: Zheng Fa Zi No. 0102024016), the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to file a case against Zhengwei Xincai in accordance with the Securities Law of the People's Republic of China and the Administrative Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China.

The case of misrepresentation against Zhengwei Xincai Securities by some investors represented by Lawyer Luo Jianxin is currently proceeding in an orderly manner, and qualified investors will join the claim as soon as possible. The claim conditions are tentatively set as follows: Damaged investors who buy stocks between the listing and 2024-05-24 and sell or still hold the stocks at the close of 2024-05-25 may claim compensation from the company. The claim conditions will ultimately be subject to the court's determination. (Zhengwei Xincai Rights Protection Entrance)

Lawyer Luo Jianxin said: (Lawyer Luo Jianxin's column)

1xbetslot| Zhengwei Xincai has been filed and investors may claim compensation

According to the latest provisions of the Securities Law and relevant judicial interpretations of the Supreme People's Court, the information disclosure obligor violates the provisions of laws, administrative regulations, rules and normative documents formulated by regulatory authorities on information disclosure, and contains false records or misleading in the information disclosed. If a statement or a major omission, the people's court shall determine it as a false statement. The scope of compensation includes: investment differences, commissions, stamp duty and interest losses.

Lawyer Luo Jianxin reminds of litigation matters:

1. The statute of limitations for cases is 3 years. After the statute of limitations expires, investors will lose their right to win the case.

2. Investors need to prepare a list of claim materials:

21xbetslot.1. Stock trading records (or statements)1xbetslot;

21xbetslot.2. Supporting materials for securities accounts;

2.3, scanned copies of the front and back sides of the ID card.

3. The above-mentioned reminder of the claim conditions, compensation objects and scope are for reference only, and the final determination of the effective judgment of the court shall prevail.

4. Legal fees are for risk agency and will be paid after the investor actually receives compensation.

(This article was contributed by Lawyer Luo Jianxin of Guangdong Jinqiao Baixin Law Firm and does not represent Sina Finance's position. Lawyer Luo Jianxin is a partner of Guangdong Jinqiao Baixin Law Firm, founder and director of Jinqiao Securities Litigation Center, arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, and member of Securities Law Professional Committee of Guangzhou City Lawyers Association. Lawyer Luo has practiced for more than 20 years, holds securities, funds, and futures practice qualification certificates, and is a senior shareholder. He has established a professional securities litigation team. His business includes securities misrepresentation, insider trading, manipulation, equity disputes, and securities criminal crime rights protection and defense, has successfully represented or is representing a large number of securities rights protection cases, and has rich experience in rights protection.)