freesignupbonuscasinonodeposit| Last week, seven listed companies were fined for environmental risks and two holding companies Huayang Co., Ltd.


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There are many illegal behaviors such as fraud in the acceptance of environmental protection facilities. Huayang (SH600348, stock price 10freesignupbonuscasinonodeposit.71 yuan, market value of 386freesignupbonuscasinonodeposit.36 billion yuan) The holding company was fined 720,000 yuanfreesignupbonuscasinonodeposit; Relevant production capacity changes have not been re-approved and have been producing without completion of acceptance of environmental protection facilities. The wholly-owned subsidiary of China Coal Energy (601898)(SH601898, stock price 12.38 yuan, market value 164.1 billion yuan) was fined 480,000 yuan...

In the fourth week of May 2024, which listed companies have red lights on their environmental protection and credit responsibilitiesfreesignupbonuscasinonodeposit?Let's watch the A-Share Green Weekly Report No. 161.

Daily Economic News, in conjunction with the Public Environmental Research Center (IPE), a well-known NGO (non-governmental organization) in the field of environmental protection, has collected and analyzed thousands of listed companies in China and their tens of thousands of companies every week based on environmental quality, environmental emissions and authoritative data sources such as pollution source supervision records.(including branches, joint-stock companies and holding companies), the "A-Share Green Weekly" is released, aiming to make the environmental information in listed companies 'business activities more transparent and transparent with the help of environmental databases and professional analysis and communication capabilities.

Based on data collected in the fourth week of May, a reporter from the Economic Daily News found that a total of seven listed companies have recently been exposed to environmental risks.

One week's green lesson: Two subsidiaries of Huayang were fined

In addition to factors such as corporate management capabilities, financial status, and industry competition, environmental risks have increasingly become one of the important operating risks for listed companies. Environmental risks are related to corporate development and corporate image.

Data from this issue shows that risk information such as violations of laws and regulations in the ecological environment field is linked to a total of 7 listed companies. Among them, 2 are enterprises controlled by state-owned assets.

The reporter of "Economic Daily News" combed and found that there are 557,800 shareholders behind the seven listed companies, and the investment targets are listed on the environmental risk list, which may expose them to investment risks.

It is worth noting that two holding companies under Huayang Co., Ltd. were fined. Among them, Shanxi Pingshu Coal Industry Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Pingshu Coal Industry) was fined by Jinzhong City Ecology and Environment Bureau for multiple illegal acts such as fraud during the acceptance of environmental protection facilities; Yangmei Group Shouyang Kaiyuan Mining Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Kaiyuan Mining Company) was fined 320,000 yuan by Jinzhong Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau for violating the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law.

freesignupbonuscasinonodeposit| Last week, seven listed companies were fined for environmental risks and two holding companies Huayang Co., Ltd.

Among them, the document number included in Credit China is "City Environmental Penalty