free2playcryptogames| $1,064.69! NVIDIA hit a record high, doubling this year


May 24 local timeFree2playcryptogamesThe three major indexes of US stocks collectively closed higher, and Nvidia's share price continued to advance by leaps and bounds, rising by 2%.Free2playcryptogames.57% to $1064.69, another all-time high, with a market capitalization of $2.62 trillion.

Nvidia skyrocketed, perhaps the happiest is private equity boss Dan Bin, who has attracted a lot of attention because of the layout of US stock AI through ETF (exchange-traded open index fund). A reporter from the Daily Business News noted that Dan Bin said at the roadshow on April 18 that he would focus on seizing the investment opportunities of AI. The day after the roadshow, Nvidia fell 10%, but Bin responded: "if the quarterly results are good, Nvidia may break through and stand above 1000 US dollars." In fact, judging from the Weibo content released by Dan Bin, he does not seem to be happy for the time being.

free2playcryptogames| ,064.69!  NVIDIA hit a record high, doubling this year

Chen Xingwen, chief investment officer of Kurozaki Capital, told reporters that Nvidia's financial results exceeded expectations, which had a positive impact on the A-share Yingweida industrial chain. Share prices of companies in segments such as data centers, cloud computing and AI chips are likely to rise. Nvidia Blackwell AI chip production increased, indicating that AI chip demand is strong, A-share related companies are expected to benefit. The split plan and the expected increase in gross profit margin have attracted the attention of investors. Demand for AI and computing is growing rapidly, and A-share related companies will benefit from Nvidia's positive performance. In the long run, AI technology is the core driving force of future technological progress, and Nvidia, as a major participant, has good long-term growth potential.

But the revenue of Bin-related products has soared.

Nvidia shares soared, mainly due to the company's Q1 revenue, profits, and Q2 guidance fully exceeded market expectations.

On May 22nd, Nvidia announced its results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2025, which ended April 28th. During the reporting period, the company's revenue was $26.044 billion, up 262% from a year earlier, and net profit was $14.881 billion, up 628% from a year earlier.

Nvidia's better-than-expected outlook for this quarter fully convinced investors that the demand for AI-driven chips is still strong.

Us investment banks have raised Nvidia's target price from $1100 to $1200 and UBS raised its target price from $1150 to $1200 as demand outstrips supply.

A reporter from the Daily Business News noted that due to the soaring share price of Nvidia, revenue from products managed by Bin has also soared, such as the Oriental Harbor Marathon with a net unit value of 6.8798 yuan as of May 17, compared with 27.92% since 2024.

However, judging from the Weibo content released by Danbin, he does not seem to be happy. But Bin said on Weibo: "Nvidia is up a lot, very happy, but other positions in US stocks are down, almost offset Nvidia's rise, if other US stocks rise back, this 9.32% (local time on May 23) will make sense."

But Bin also analyzed the reasons: "US stocks fell because the US Markit PMI data in May was better than expected, which is a short-term fluctuation caused by a secondary reason. The root cause of the long-term rise of the Nasdaq is scientific and technological progress!" We are in the great era of artificial intelligence that has just begun. "

The landing prospect of AI application will be better.

Dan Bin, who participated in the roadshow on April 18, said that from the perspective of strategic choice, artificial intelligence may be the only one that can really create huge industrial opportunities around the world. If you want to make phenomenal money, it usually takes 10 or 20 years to hold it from the perspective of industrial structure. However, the day after Danbin Road performance, Nvidia fell 10%, but the net value of Nvidia's products fluctuated sharply. The global net worth of Dongfang Harbor Marathon, managed by Dan Bin, fell 10.50%, which coincides well with the sharp drop in Nvidia's share price, according to the private equity ranking network. As for the sharp fluctuations in net worth, Dan Bin responded that Nvidia disclosed its first-quarter results on May 22nd, and if it was good, it did not rule out the possibility of breaking through the $1000 mark at an all-time high. Judging from historical experience, every sharp fall in US stocks is a buying opportunity.

The recent trend of Nvidia has once again confirmed Dan Bin's point of view. In addition, the recent view of Oriental Harbor is that with the significant reduction in the cost of AI reasoning in the second half of 2024 and the upgrade of GPT5, the penetration of AI applications will be greatly increased, although the volatility will always be relatively large, but it will not change the direction of the times.

In well-known private equity, Liang Hong also has the capital to "show off". As of May 17, the unit net value of Xiwa calf No. 1, the representative product of Lianghong's Hainan Xiwa, was 6.8744 yuan, with 25.91 percent of revenue since 2024, according to the private placement network. In addition, the representative product of "private equity witch" Li Bei, Banxia macro hedging, also regained its lost ground. As of May 17, the income since 2024 was 0.59%, and the performance changed from negative to positive.

He Li, general manager of Zhishan Investment, who has in-depth research on the artificial intelligence plate for a long time, told the Daily Economic News that Nvidia is the most important "weapon provider" in the global AI scuffle, and is very optimistic about its own and related industry chain's long-term development. From the capital expenditure announced by Microsoft, Meta, Google, Amazon and other giants, it shows a more obvious growth and is mainly driven by the direction of AI. Nvidia says there are about 15000 to 20, 000 start-ups waiting for the company's products to be used to train models. With the continuous enhancement of the capability of the model and the introduction of cross-modal models such as GPT-40, the landing prospect of AI applications is more optimistic.